Fun Engagement Party Ideas



What about an Alice in Wonderland tea party engagement?  Or a an out of this World Star Wars themed party?  Or let your friends and family come dressed as Zombie’s.  Put a fun twist by giving your party a special theme that includes decor, food, drinks, and games.  It’s the beginning of the most special time for a couple.  Let the fun begin!



Okay I’ve always been a fan of this.  Maybe because I love Hawaii and everything that comes with it!  The decorations are endless, the menu – many options, and people always have clothes to dress up for this.  It’s not only an easy option — but always a fun one!  And the cocktails — who doesn’t love a great Mai Tai!



What a gorgeous way to begin celebrating festivities.  A beachside clambake.  Yes it’s weather permitting, but with the right weather it’s a romantic and fun way to gather friends and family to begin your wedding planning.  And a fun way to involve friends and family in the party as well.  Of course there would be buckets of seafood, beer, wine, and champagne, and don’t forget the s’mores!



Start off a wonderful Sunday afternoon with friends and family by having a brunch.  This is something that can be done on a large or small budget and the menu options – endless.  Mimosas, french toast, various baked goods, fresh fruit, and special desserts.  And the nice part about brunch is you can do this on a Saturday or Sunday when people are free.  This can be a casual or elegant party depending on the couple and their budget!

As I am recently engaged and still working on my party, I love seeing this different options.  I am still deciding on what I am going to do for my own party.  I will admit I love the Luau, and the brunch.  Then again having a themed party is also a fun option that I might just do!  Congrats to all the newly engaged couples.  The fun is just beginning!

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